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How can automotive metal racks be customized?

Automotive metal racks can be manufactured with different sizes and internal configurations and customized to suit specific production, distribution and storage needs.
Ferrero Automotive manufactures custom-made metal racks and follows every stage of the design of racks, from the initial study phase, starting from the 3D model of the components supplied by customers, to the design and production. In this way containers can be perfectly adapted to the specific dimensions of the automotive components they must contain, thus ensuring greater safety during transport and better use of storage space.

Among the various possibilities of customization of metal racks there is also the possible insertion of stacker pillars designed to allow the loading and unloading of components by robot. These elements support the pieces by means of mobile flaps that are automatically armed during loading operations, without the need for operator intervention.
Stacker pillars can be configured in different arrangements to fit various shapes and sizes of components, thus maximizing the available space and improving the accessibility of the pieces. The particular structure of metal racks with stacker pillars is designed to prevent movement and impacts between the components, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring that the parts are protected at every stage of the production and logistics process.

Another important aspect of the customization of automotive metal racks concerns the choice of the type of painting and coating. Painting techniques, such as powder or liquid, not only protect the metal from corrosion and wear, but also offer a wide range of colors and finishes. This improves the aesthetic appearance of containers, while facilitating the identification and handling of containers, which can be distinguished and used for specific product categories or production processes.

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