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What materials are used for specific metal racks?

Specific metal racks must adapt to components of different shapes and sizes. This aspect requires a precise design and the use of materials that can be easily shaped and modified, while ensuring high strength and durability.
All Ferrero Automotive specific metal racks are made with certified and high quality materials, designed to best meet the needs of the automotive sector. Among the most used materials are high-strength steel and stainless steel, which can also be subjected to specific treatments according to the requests and needs of each customer.
The high strength steel is distinguished by its strength and durability and it is therefore ideal for racks that must withstand heavy loads and intensive conditions of use. Thanks to its mechanical properties, steel offers superior resistance to impact and wear, ensuring that containers retain their structural integrity even after prolonged use.

Stainless steel is known for its high corrosion resistance and is particularly useful in environments where containers can be exposed to moisture or corrosive agents. Stainless steel ensures that the containers always remain in perfect operating condition, while protecting the internal components from damage or external contamination.

For specific applications, such as in the case of metal racks with stacker pillars used in robotic lines, materials must not only be resistant but also compatible with automated systems. In these cases, the containers can be equipped with specific reinforcements and surface treatments to reduce wear, increase strength and improve smoothness.